Art of Life

Art of Life - WOOP!E

our facilitator and care programme
WOOP!E: Values-Oriented Organizational and Personality Development

Our viewpoint is that change begins from within and is then integrated into everyday life.

This is our understanding of integration.

To this end, we have developed a practice-oriented training program that we first apply to ourselves, then extend to teamwork and then apply in a non-profit capacity in society.

We call these three phases unity, community and sociality.

We see qualities such as friendliness, care, compassion, and composure as fundamental and desirable in order to achieve long-term happiness and satisfaction for ourselves and others. In many areas of industrially highly developed countries, a global sense of responsibility is emerging. We speak of a potential that is created in our company and can fully unfold. It is a reorientation of attitude to develop the capacity to ultimately commit ourselves unconditionally to the common good. When we are ready and motivated to fully develop our potential, it can be supportive to look for like-minded companions.

We realize that the global challenges can only be mastered together and that a change of perspective is necessary.

unity – learning to learn
community – learning to relate to others
sociality – global learning